Tacos Tia Juana

16 E. Gabilan St.

Salinas Ca. 93901





Open-11:oo am


Burritos $2.95


      Ham & Eggs w/Cheese


      Bacon & Eggs w/Potato


      Chorizo & Eggs w/Potato



Tia Juana Oatmeal

w/Mexican Bread               $3.95


Menudo (Saturday)          $6.95

Beef tripe & hominy soup




 Revised: 6/9/08


Mon. - Sat.

8:00 - 3:00 PM


Closed Sunday


We Deliver Daily


Call Before 10:00am For

Delivery between 11:45-1pm

$25 Min Order

$3 Delivery Charge

Other Times Available Upon Request



Call Us For take out orders

 and Catering Events





Arroz (16oz.)      (Rice)          $2.25


Frijoles (16oz.)   (Beans)         $2.25


(Extra) Avocado,

Sour cream or Cheese (2oz.)  $ .95


Take Some Home

Salsa (16oz.)                         $3.25

Add $1.25 for Chips


Guacamole (16oz.)               $6.50

Add $1.25 for Chips





Soda, Water, Coffee   $1.50


Horchata (16oz.)               $2.50


Tia Juana Hot Chocolate     $2.75





A Domicilio


Take out orders & catering events


16 E. Gabilan St

Salinas, CA 93901

Oldtown Salinas


831-886-3601 (FAX)









Carne Azada

Grilled Beef Steak



Grilled Boneless Chicken


Al Pastor

Chili Marinated Pork


Birria de Res

Marinated Steam Beef



Deep Fried Pork



Pork Chorizo



Beef Tongue



Beef Cheek Meat


Chile Verde

Pork in Green Sauce




Call Us For take out orders

 and Catering Events


Lunch all day


Tacos                        $1.95

Carne, salsa, cebolla, cilantro y aguacate

Meat, salsa, onion, cilantro & avocado


Tacos De Tripa         $2.75

Tripa, salsa, cebolla, cilantro y aguacate

Tripas, salsa, onion, cilantro & avocado


Fish Taco                  $2.75

Pescado Frito, Crema y salsa de repollo

Fried Fish Fillet, creamy sauce & cabbage salsa


Bean & Cheese Burrito   $2.95


Burritos                        $3.95

Carne, Salsa, frijoles y arroz

Meat, salsa, Bean & Rice


Super Burritos            $5.95

Carne, frijoles, arroz, salsa, lechuga, queso, guacamole y crema

Meat, beans, rice, salsa, lettuce, cheese, avocado & Sour cream


Veggie Burritos        $3.95

Arroz, frijoles, aguacate, queso, crema y lechuga

Rice, beans, avocado, cheese, sour cream & lettuce


Tostada                     $3.95

Carne, salsa, lechuga, crema, aguacate y frijoles

Meat, salsa, lettuce, cream, avocado & beans


Tortas                       $4.75 Carne, lechuga, tomato, cebolla, aguacate y mayonesa

Meat, salsa, lettuce, cream, avocado & beans


Quesadillas              $3.50

Con queso

With cheese


Quesadillas Tia Juana   $4.95

Con carne y queso

With meat and cheese





Tostada or 8oz Bowl   $3.95

Ceviche y galletas saladas

Ceviche & Crackers


Choices of Ceviche


Ceviche de Pescado

Fish Salad w/onion, tomato, cilantro,

lemon, & avocado


Ceviche de Camaron y Jaiva

Shrimp & Crab w/tomato, onion,

lemon, cilantro & avocado


Hot Dog W/Bacon        $2.95

Tocino, mayonesa, jalapeno, cebolla y tomate

Bacon, mayo, jalapeno, onion & tomato


Super Nachos             $5.95

Carne, chips, frijoles, queso, aguacate y crema

Meat, chips, beans, cheese, avocado & sour cream


Seasoned Fruit Cup     $3.95


Tia Juana Kids Meal    $3.75

Taco, arroz y frijoles

Taco, rice & beans




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